Trip to Mackenzie Country and Arthur’s Pass

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In April 2013 My friend Victoria and I went on a trip to Mackenzie County and Mount Cook with a stop off in Christchurch. Here are some photos of the highlights of the trip and places I recommend to visit. This is the first time I have been to Mount Cook and Arthur’s Pass and would like to go again for a longer trip it was amazing. All of these images are my original photographs.

Aviemore Dam

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Dam - 02Dam

Victoria & Me


Hooker Track

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MtC - 01

MtC - 03

Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier View

This was one of my favourite walks was definitely worth the climb not much of a track, pretty much climbing on a bunch of wobbly rocks, but the view is amazing. If your not great at walking you can talk a easier route.
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MtC - 08 - mw MtC - 07 MtC - 05MtC - 02



Big Tree Walk

Big Tree - 01

Fantail 01fantail +uni market

Fantail on this track was the basis for the illustration on the right.

Acland Falls

Bush water fall- 0

This waterfall was terrible not worth the walk. The waterfall was tiny ( we are standing 1metre away from it) with barely any water and the track was in terrible condition.


Container Mall

We went to Christchurch for a day and went to my new favourite place to shop in Christchurch, the container mall. The shops are great with good variety. It is also right in the center of town so you can wander around and looking at the quake damaged buildings or spaces where building used be. I studied in Christchurch and consider it a second home, it makes me happy to see places like this being created bringing life back into the town.

Container mall

Elephant - 0CM - Giraffe


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AP - Sign - 3 AP - Sign - 1 mw

Devil’s Punch Bowl

Best waterfall I have seen in really life, it was huge. really well maintained track and great views.

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AP - Waterfall - 03


Bush Walk

This was a cool bush walk. The trees were beautiful looked like something out of Dr Seuss.

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AP - Bush - 17 AP - Bush - 15 AP - Bush - 14 AP - Bush - 13 AP - Bush - 12 AP - Bush - 11 AP - Bush - 10 AP - Bush - 09 AP - Bush - 08 AP - Bush - 07 AP - Bush - 06 AP - Bush - 05 AP - Bush - 04 AP - Bush - 03 AP - Bush - 02 AP - Bush - 01

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